Viewing Tips

Before viewing proofs on a website please follow the simple procedure below to match your monitor as closely as possible to standard viewing conditions.

Take a look at the graphic below:

  • You should see 16 steps going from almost pure black on the left to white on the right (the rightmost block is twice as wide as the others).
  • Please adjust your monitor brightness and or contrast until you can see as many steps as possible. Lights glaring on your monitor may affect this also.
  • The shades of gray should appear without any red or blue color cast, many monitors are a little bluish by default. And so are many brands of computer paper so that's not an ideal comparison but might help.

After following the above adjustments you're monitor should be as close to my calibrated monitor as can be adjusted without a calibration tool. (Our monitors here at the studio are calibrated to the printers at the lab for the best possible color matching.)