Tips for Great Senior Portraits


Simple non-distracting colors and simple patterns are typically best.

Portraits are about you - not the clothes you're wearing. Bring a few changes from casual to formal that you are comfortable wearing. For casual poses denim jeans and a t-shirt are fine.

You might compromise. Bring a couple outfits you like and one or two your parents like.

Dressing in layers allows for more variation, you can take your outer shirt off or unbutton it for a different look.


If you bring formal wear, don't forget the shoes and apropriate socks or pantyhose. Casual poses often work well in bare feet.


This is typically not the best time to try a new hair style! Go with your normal style, something you're comfortable with. Don't forget a comb or brush and maybe some hair product just in case.

Of course you ladies may want to bring some hair accessories to change it up a bit between poses.

Men, I suggest facial hair be neatly trimmed. Shadows and shaggy beards tend to be intensified in photographs.

Eye Glasses

Feel free to bring some shades for a few poses with a little more attitude!

If you wear prescription glasses - consider getting some frames without lenses to avoid glare. If you can't, don't worry about it, but we may not be able to avoid all lens glare.


Do you participate in a sport or activity? Bring your helmet, jersey, a football, or other apropriate gear. Your activities are no doubt a big part of your senior year, so be sure to make it part of your senior portraits.

If you want to include your pet or car in a few poses, please inquire in advance to make arrangements.

Other family members can be "props" as well. Use the above guidelines and consider matching clothes. While a couple poses with a parent, boyfriend, or child is fine; please be reasonable i.e. if you want a family portrait we can schedule a family portrait session:-)